One of the most concentrated practice areas of Abbak is Forex Transactions. Forex have reached a legal basis in Turkey with the Capital Market Board’s Communiqué in 2011 and following the regulation, both domestic and foreign brokers; liquidity providers, technology, software and retail targeted product suppliers have started to make investments in up and coming Turkish Forex Industry.


Within this period, Abbak made important contributions in the creation of the legal infrastructures of the industry participants and has represented and advised domestic and foreign companies with respect to the regulatory compliance issues including CMB complied order execution technologies and liquidity matters.


In the growing Turkish Forex Industry, Abbak continues to provide effective legal services to its domestic and foreign clients in the fields of regulatory compliance, foreign capital entries, M&A operations, liquidity business, hedging, technology, software and retail targeted products as well as general corporate law with the in-depth knowledge of the Industry facts.  


Forex Transactions