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Our firm creates a difference with its tax law experience not only in classical merger and acquisition procedures but also in merger and acquisition operations based on tax planning,  and despite of classical purposes of merger and acquisitions, offers its clients the opportunity to benefit from advantages of tax planning. Abbak provides services as a reliable project partner in terms of competition law, contracts, labor law procedures and results, intellectual property rights, due diligence, private equity and venture capital investments, finance and real estate related merger and acquisition procedures.


We do consider the Spin-Off  transactions of companies not only as a restructuring of corporate or family companies but also as a tax planning tool. In this context, Spin-Off procedures executed specially in accordance to the needs of our clients, whatever path, method and purposed should be considered, is one of the most ambitious work areas of Abbak Attorneys at Law in terms of ensuring maximum client satisfaction.



M&A and Spin-Off Transactions

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